Cirali / Olympos


Çıralı is located 70 km West of Antalya within the borders of the County of Kemer It is part of the Olympos coastal national park protected by the World wildife federation.(WWF)

Çıralı beach is the nesting beach of caretta sea turtles Çıralı is also the habitat of many different animal and plant species Çıralı beach is approximately 32 km long Olympos Creek and Ulupınar Stream flow into the sea from the beach.

The beach is surrounded by stuning mountains it is beautiful unique & sutable for eco- tourism the ancient ıykian way route provides interesting trekking tours.


It is forbidden by laws to have Olympos affected by mass tourism due to the fact that ıt is a historical site Thus the natural structure of the area is preserved and Olympos became a unique natural haven where all vistors enjoy a pleasant time.

The ancient roman ruins are set in the lush Olympos valley you must have an adventurous journey through the forest seeing the widilife & smelling the scent of pines and laurels.


It is believed that the Word Olympos means grand mountan in old Greek in the World there are more than twenty mountans and hills carrying this name and some of the towns and cities these mountains and hilis have taken the same name.

The most famous of these hilis is the thessallan hill considered as the home of ancien Greek gods the ancient city of Olympos takes its name from tahtalı mountain is located 10 km North of the city and is the home of a never endig fire today known as Yanartaş ( burning rock )

Olympos had been one of the most important citles of the ancient lykian divilization the foundations of the city were bult in the old hellenistic period around 300 B.C. ıt ıs known that Alexander the great spent winters in Phaselis a harbor city neighbouring Olympos.

The firs historical records of Olympos are seen in the year of 78 BC when the roman governor servillus vaita defeated the greafest prate of the time zenicotes in a sea battle zenicotes hiding his ships in the socret soves of porto Ceneviz (genoese) and sazak had made Olympos castle for himself the city was declared as ager publicus (roman property put on sate or rent ) after ıt came under roman rule .

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